Red Letter Day

A husband and wife team have invested £60,000 to set up a brand new Post Office by combining it with a toy and card shop.

Darren Brooks, 48, and his wife Rachel, have opened for business at their premises on Dodds Lane in Gwersyllt, following the closure of the Post Office in nearby Hope Street.

The couple, from Wrexham, who have two young sons, believe the investment, which they split 50/50 with the Post Office, will provide financial security for their family.

They said the expert advice they received from us at Coxeys, had been "invaluable".

Darren said: "There are a lot of potential pitfalls with an investment like this and Coxeys have provided us with guidance every step of the way.

"We're doing it for the future of our kids to make sure we can give them the best life possible.

"We've got a great relationship with Coxeys that goes back over 25 years. If I've got any problem I just pick up the phone and they find a way to resolve it. It started off as a business relationship and now the people at Coxeys have become friends. The started doing the accounting and now they're also giving me business advice.

"I started on the markets when I was 19 and got my first shop selling toys in Gwersyllt when I was 21. I made a bit of money on the stalls and that was enough to set up my first shop. I've been with Coxeys since then.

"It's been a lot of hard work setting the Post Office up. The past few weeks Rachel and I have been doing 12 hour days. It's been pretty manic. We had to empty to whole shop for it to be refitted with the Post Office counters and then we had to move everything back in. we've had a new floor, new lighting and a new ceiling.”

Sue Barkley, an accounts practitioner with us at Coxeys, said: "The fact that the Post Office has moved here is very exciting news. I was here a few weeks ago and the transformation is amazing. I think the venture is going to be a great success.

"We have been advising Darren and Rachel throughout the process. It's extremely important with a big investment like this that you avoid potential pitfalls. With a big investment like that you have to make sure you get it right.

"It's a fantastic shop with a great selection of toys and cards and now that the Post Office is here it's even better. Darren has been with Coxeys for years.


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