We are very proud that Rhian Williams and Adele Roberts were both featured in a national magazine produced by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). They were held up as role models for prospective entrants into the profession, highlighting the range of opportunities available in the industry and what can be achieved via different training routes.

Rhian knew from an early age what she wanted to do and studied A-levels at Yale College with a view to becoming a Chartered Accountant. First she studied with AAT to gain her Association of Accounting Technicians qualification. She joined Coxeys in 2004 and immediately saw the advantages of the route she had chosen. She became a full member of the AAT as part of her career development and decided to continue her studies with Institute of Association of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) through the fast-track route.

Rhian attended the formal courses at the accountancy training centre at Caer Rhun Hall, near Conwy and has also received formal management training to develop her inter-personal skills which she believes is essential alongside technical skills acquired through AAT and ICAEW.

Adele reached Coxeys via a very different route but like Rhian is revelling in the work and proud to be featured by the profession’s respected magazine, which is distributed to all AAT members.
She says “Even when I was at Flint High School I knew I wanted to become an accountant even though it might sound boring to some people.” So she opted out of going to university but instead undertook a specialist three-year accounting course at Birkenhead, which is still the most common way of entering the profession.

Anthony Lewis said “We place a huge amount of importance on training and personal development for our staff and are very proud that Rhian and Adele are such excellent role models”